Free yourself from these nightmares

Bed bugs steam treatment

Bed bugs treatment

You have a house, an apartment which is under the siege of those little nightmares called bed bugs? Yes! By reading the following you will find the solution to your problem. Your bed bug treatment starts here! Did you know that steam treatment is the recommended treatment to get rid of bed bugs? Unfortunately, your mattress doesn’t fit in your washing machine and like the rest of your furniture and this can quickly become a pain to disinfect.

Groupe Vapro offers a practical and a fast decontamination for all type of surfaces and fabrics. The use of dry steam by our technicians completely eradicates bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot survive to a temperature higher than 50 degrees Celsius, Groupe Vapro technology generates temperature ranging from 75 to 150 degrees. Enough to get rid of all your bed bugs.

Health Canada Certified technique

Techniques used by Groupe Vapro to treat bed bugs are certified and are promoted by Health Canada (please read the complete article on Government of Canada website). Call us to book an appointment or for any information regarding bed bugs treatment. Our guaranteed service is also discreet because the lettering of our vehicles doesn’t mention or display treatment of bed bugs to respect the privacy of our client.