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Buildings and facades steam cleaning


Groupe Vapro building and facades steam cleaning

Building and facades steam cleaning is an eco-friendly and an intelligent choice. The detergent and disinfectant activity of steam makes it possible to compete with all other types of cleaning that are often used. (high pressure cleaning, water cleaning combined with different chemical products, etc.). In heights or at ground level, our technicians are trained to meet your needs whether its for industrial, residential or commercial buildings.

Steam also has another very interesting function: disinfecting matters.

Dry steam evaporates into the air, therefore no slips, small floods or spills can occur. In addition, steam is completely ecological and safe for any type of coating. We will do a test on one of your surfaces to demonstrate the effectiveness of our cleaning. It will then be easier to take a decision based on concrete results.

Works at C.H.U.M. of Montreal

For the panels maintenance of the Université de Montréal hospital center. Anacolor the field contractor, has chosen Groupe Vapro steam cleaning amongst several other cleaning processes. A large-scale contract and above all a challenge that our team has been able to embrace every day.

Finally, dry steam cleaning is non-abrasive and allows, by putting the steam temperature higher but still in control, to dissolve many substances such as grease, oil, limestone and dirt in general. Don’t forget your exterior walls are the first image projected by your company.  We have what it takes to meet your requirements and criteria for property and sanitation.

Repair work for Ritz-Carlton Montreal mandated by Anacolor is another realization of Groupe Vapro.