For tough jobs, steam is always ready!

Commercial steam cleaning


The capacity of commercial steam cleaning to eliminate bacterias, mites and allergens helps meet hygienes needs on all surfaces (porous- non-porous- plastic- aluminum- fiberglass- metal etc. ) and gives us a great latitude in the different task we can undertake.

Commercial steam cleaning

Groupe Vapro performs commercial steam cleaning and can according to the client request, carry out various repairs on multiple surfaces. Whether it’s for aluminum panels that must be polished and refurbished, because of scratches or to fix a surface which has imperfections.

Groupe Vapro are the pro in reconditioning!

Commercial dry steam cleaning offers customized solutions which are specific to the requirements of the industrial and professional sectors. Hotels, office buildings and places with a high rate of attendance favors greatly the spread of microbes and other contaminants. Without adding any chemical products, dry steam eliminates bacterias, mites, and most common contaminants.

Building facade cleaning

Commercial steam cleaning and building facade steam cleaning are an intelligent and eco-friendly choice. The detergent and disinfectant activity of the steam makes it possible to compete with any type of cleaning that are often used. (High pressure washing, water cleaning combine to different chemical produtcs. etc.).

Polishing, decontamination, repair and refurbishing

Finally, Groupe Vapro is a leader in commercial steam cleaning all surfaces combined. You can communicate with an expert for the realization of your project. It will be a pleasure for us to show you the effectivess of our techniques, in decontamination, repair, polishing or surface reconditionning. Groupe Vapro will be a great ally againts all your cleaning challenges.