We are committed to intervening as quickly as possible

Graffiti steam cleaning

Graffiti steam cleaning

Whether you have a shop, a residence or an enterprise you can be the target of graffiti at any given time. This is the reason we offer graffiti steam cleaning services and we commit ourselves to intervene as quickly as possible to limit the damages.

For your image

Inevitable and how damaging for the image that your company projects, graffitis can be easily removed thanks to steams. We offer a fast service for vandalism acts perpetrated on your walls establishment. High-pressure Graffiti steam cleaning removes all stains without the abusive use of water or chemical products which can leave a whitish or discolored finish.


  • Brick wall
  • Concrete wall
  • Porous surface
  • Glass and windows
  • Painted surfaces
  • Stainless steel, metals, chrome etc..