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Headlight restoration

Headlight restoration

Our headlight restoration service will certainly save you high cost. A complete restoration will give them the same appearance has a new car. When it comes time to purchase a used car, many car buyers don’t even notice those vehicles; because the foggy headlight lenses make them lose a lot of aesthetic value. However, a headlight reconditioning is not really expensive and will allow your car to stand out if you wish to resell it. A simple restoration of the headlights will rectify the situation. It will even be more enjoyable for you to have a car with shining headlights.

According to a CAA-Quebec study* :


Of vehicles

on our road have an opacity problem with front headlights

  • 30% of vehicle seems to have evident or serious headlight problems;
  • A vehicle driver with headlights in good condition can see road signs 60 meters earlier than if its lenses would have been damaged, an increase of visibility from 92% to 1200%
  • Damage lenses can reduce lighting of headlights;
  • A motorist driving at 50km/h at night has 4 second more to react in an emergency situation, if his headlights are fully efficient rather than damage;

Your security depends on your headlights

Even more, driving with yellowed headlights which have been worn out by the years is not really safe. 30% of the vehicle on our roads have an opacity problem due to front headlights. Headlight lenses deterioration is caused by the sun, gravel, sand, and calcium. Even more, plastic lenses manufactured today are way less resistant than those made out of glass. Damage headlights can reduce by half lighting in the dark and in cloudy weather. Groupe Vapro thankfully can help and offer you in its range of services the complete restoration of your headlights.