For the hardest jobs, the steam is always up !

Heavy machinery steam cleaning

Heavy Machinery Dry steam cleaning

As nothing can stand against Groupe Vapro, heavy machinery pressurized steam cleaning gives an exceptional finish. Heavy machinery cleaning is highly technical, it requires meticulousness which we have developed with our numerous collaborations, such has Hewitt Group and les tracteur Godin.

Industrial and heavy machinery must be inspected frequently and must be thoroughly washed to ensure their smooth operation. No corners are spared and for your specific needs, we will respond to them with professionalism.

Groupe Vapro team are mobile and offer cleaning services of your machinery directly on your field and/or on construction sites at an unbeatable price. In addition, we are environmentally friendly since we are using high pressurized dry steam to clean, which is 10 times cheaper than traditional water wash and clearly more efficient.

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Industrial machine cleaning

You no longer remember what original color is your machine since its so dirty and encrusted with accumulated grease over the years. The action of the steam always gives an impressive result because of high pressurized steam (185°C), allows to clean, disinfect and drys automatically. No grout or overflow.

Not only that it is efficient, it’s very GREEN. For the same jobs done washing with water, pressurized steam wash cleaning is almost 50 times less water hungry. This eco-friendly process will give at the same time an added value to your ethical reputation.