Its finally time for the big cleaning!

It’s Spring time special


During winter, a lot of contaminants like calcium, road salt, etc. get stuck in the paint layer of your car and leaves imperfection visible on your car’s body. A Simple wash with traditional water doesn’t completely decontaminate, while our steam wash with decontaminant removes all those contaminants and gives an exceptional finish to your paint.


In order to protect and maintain your car’s new look after the wash and decontamination, we will apply a protective wax to your paint.

Carpet shampooing

A carpet shampoo is also included in the package in order to make the interior of your vehicle as clean as it was before the winter. All traces of calcium, even the more stubborn ones, will disappear thanks to the effectiveness of the dry steam we use. Not quite the same as a traditional wash!

Aquapel windshield treatment

Aquapel treatment makes the rain slide off the windshield. Once applied the Aquapel bonds with the glass and will last up to 6 times longer than any other products. Your visual acuity will improve close to 35%, you will now be able to drive despite the bad weather conditions.