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Leather treatment for vehicles

Leather treatment and its benefits

Vapro leather treatment for the vehicle. Natural leather must be maintained or else it slowly loses its oil. Pollution, dirt, perspiration and U.V rays are all aggravating factors that attack your leather if you don’t treat it. It will lose its flexibility and eventually will make the leather stiff and dry. Eventually, the leather will dry up and under the stress caused by freezing and unfreezing temperature, it will cause a tear.

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Estimation is necessary

It’s important to maintain your vehicle leather and Groupe Vapro recommends that you do it every 6 months. The original protection may not be enough. It’s important to nourish the leather in order to keep its flexibility and the same texture as if it was brand new. A soft cleanser to clean the leather as well as a protective cream will always be the best choices. Don’t abuse, you could cause premature use or overhydration to the leather. Leave it to Groupe Vapro expert to do it for you. They will be able to do the follow-up and give the leather of your vehicle all the chances to age well.

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