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Mattress steam cleaning services at your residence

Need a mattress steam cleaning?

With our “Savoir-faire” in commercial steam cleaning, Groupe Vapro is now proud to offer you in its range of services, our mattress steam cleaning. Working at high temperature and pressure, the performance of Vapro commercial machines makes mattress cleaning a lot more easier and efficient. Scientifically proven for disinfecting, this revolutionary technique is now used by our teams.

Adequately trained, our technicians are able to disinfect your mattress in depth. The combined action of pressure and controlled heat detaches stains and burst out grease molecules impregnated with the materials and fabrics. In addition, it eliminates all form of bacteria or microorganism which are not visible to the naked eye but are very harmful to the health such as bed bugs, mites, lice or leas, just to name a few.

The steam disinfecting action combined with the extraction of our patented machine dissolves and at the same time eliminates dark circles, urine stains and even bad odors on the mattress, furniture or fabrics. Entrust your steam mattress cleaning to Groupe Vapro.

Your are allergic ?

Be aware, when we steam clean your mattress at your residence, our process definitely eliminates all mites which are present in the mattress. However, we recommend that you clean your beddings at least once a week to eliminate more. Be without worry our experienced technicians only use non-harmful and eco-friendly products but still powerful enough to decontaminate your mattress.  You will breathe and sleep better and this on the first night, its guaranty!