For an exceptional paint finish

Paint decontamination

The importance of a good paint decontamination

We will explain below why it’s important to opt for a paint decontamination before any other aesthetic process on your vehicle. Smart and practical advice to help you preserve your car body like new for as long as possible.


Paint decontamination

Contaminants such as brake dust or calcium are completely cleaned.


The wax can be applied without any risk of trapping the contaminants between it and the paint layer.

An exceptional finish

The combination of the two processes gives the paint a perfectly smooth finish without any imperfections.

A decontamination?

A good primary paint decontamination is essential before wax is applied, or else the paint protection could decrease up to 60%. If you apply wax without having your paint decontaminated, you are trapping contaminants between the paint and the wax layer.

At your own risk

Vehicles spend the vast majority of the time outside. The paint is therefore exposed to several contaminants. They pass through protective layers such as wax, clear, paint and embed themselves very deeply.

Types of contaminants

Physical contaminants: brake dust, sand, etc. Chemical contaminants: acid rain, salt, bird droppings, etc. Contaminants get deeply ingrained and even repetitive washes will not dislodge them.