Effective steam lettering removal for all yours surfaces

Steam lettering removal

Steam lettering removal, a specialty of Vapro

You could need steam lettering removal for many reasons. Everybody knows mobile advertising is an excellent way to publicize your business. A beautiful lettering reflects that image. In recent years, technology has made lettering evolves tremendously, which allows small and big businesses to exploit their images to the maximum. When the day comes, when your company has to sell a vehicle, return a location or refresh its image, that day could cause a lot of concerns and headaches.

Uncompromising steam lettering removal

Groupe Vapro has develop a fast , efficient and safe technique for lettering surfaces. No more heating up surfaces for hours with a heating gun (which used to burn fingers), no more blades that often left addicts on surfaces. With its dry steam at more than 185 degrees, Groupe Vapro can remove lettering on your surfaces, without damage, glue, solvent and by respecting the environment. Our mobile service will go directly to your location according to your availability. Contact us for more information !