Éric Deblois, Groupe Vapro Founder

The pioneer of ecological automotive cleaning

Ecological automotive cleaning

Groupe Vapro are the specialist of ecological automotive steam cleaning. By trusting Groupe Vapro, in addition to saving time and travels, you participate in saving our main natural resource which is water. Groupe Vapro is a company who specialize in vehicle steam cleaning and refurbishment. We will come to your residence or at work…We can also welcome you to one of our cleaning stations.

Passionate about clean vehicle

Éric Deblois, vehicle passionate, has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive field. But more specifically in the field of automotive aesthetic and cleaning. After many years of exploration and market research, Eric and his spouse Cynthia Savard founded in 2012 Groupe Vapro. This 100% ecological car cleaning concept, proven all over the world, is now available in Quebec and Ontario. This process removes dirt inside-out and gives an unrivaled shine while saving water.

Groupe Vapro employees, all trained and qualified, will be able to answer all your needs in automotive aesthetics. Their courteous staff will make you appreciate this 100% ecological cleaning concept.

A traditional car wash wastes on average 300 liters of water; With Groupe Vapro, the same wash requires less than 5 liters of water, a saving of 295 liters per wash.

Just imagine 1 day, 1 week, 1 month…

Vapro timeline

Vapro was just an idea

  • A website
  • 2 mobile units
  • 2 employees

The beginning of an adventure

  • 6 employees
  • 9 million liters of water saved

It starts to become serious

  • 15 employees
  • 17 million liters of water saved
  • Winner of the Griffon d’Or for Environmental Action Excellence

We play in the big leagues

  • 35 employees
  • 26 million liters of water saved since the beginning of 2013!
  • 5 Franchisees across Quebec
  • 2nd Nomination to the Griffon D’Or
  • Present in 3 dealers

Vapro everywhere

  • More than 40 employees
  • 50 million liters of water saved since the beginning of 2013!
  • 7 Franchisees across Quebec
  • Opening of its first training center in Montréal-Nord
  • Present in 9 dealers

Grow together

  • Nearly 60 employees
  • we do not count the liters of water that Vapro saves no more but it must be nearly a quarter of a million liters of water saved since 2012
  • 12 dealers benefiting from Vapro technology
  • 8 Franchisees
  • battery systems installation that is recharged during the movements of our units, with the vehicle alternator.

Sixth year of operation

  • Projects in the West …
  • A new website
  • Even more new dealers
  • and many new Vapro franchisees