Centralize your vehicle cleaning operation !

Vehicle fleet cleaning

Vehicle fleet cleaning

The cleaning of your vehicle fleet is very important and our high-pressure steam cleaning is completely ecological. The dry steam pressure combined with Groupe Vapro technician expertise offers a service which rivals with the most efficient traditional wash. A disinfecting action without any chemical products which gives an impeccable finish on the inside and outside.

Whether you have a small to a large company, it’s important to keep your vehicle fleet clean. Those vehicles are important assets but they are also the image of your company. Courtesy vehicles, taxi, to company trucks, tractors, and the list goes on. On a cleaner surface, Your logo will shine even more consequently will catch more attention.

First of all, I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you offer us because, as you know, we receive many positive comments from our customers and from our monitors on the cleanliness of vehicles.
Josée Martin Coordonnatrice ressources matérielles

Finally, dry steam cleaning is non-abrasive and allows, by putting the steam temperature higher but still in control, to dissolve many substances such as grease, oil, limestone and dirt in general. Don’t forget your exterior walls are the first image projected by your company. We have what it takes to meet your requirements and criteria for property and sanitation.